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Mancor de Vall

mancor de vall mallorcaTucked into the foothills known as Serra del Notts is the village of Mancor de la Vall at base of Puig de Suro, or Mount Cork (644 m). While pine and oak trees cover the higher slopes, terraces covered with olive trees surround the area around the sleepy village for while it is only three miles from Inca's busy streets, the pace of life here is completely different.

Towers at Clot del Diners and Cuneo and the walled settlement at Son Bosc prove that people have lived in the valley since the Talayotic Period. The Romans also settled here and they cleared large areas of undergrowth so they could plant vines in the fertile earth and take advantage of the cold wet winters and hot dry summers. Four villages, Mancor, Benorio, Maizarella and Benizan, have names from the Moorish period and they were part of the district of Inkan. While the Moors grew crops and raised livestock in the valley, they also terraced the valley sides and extended the olive groves and vineyards.

mancor de vall mallorcaFollowing the conquest in 1229, Mancor was given to Rotlà Lai and he divided it between twelve settlers. While his descendants lived in a splendid manor house, the peasants lived in shacks while they tried to scrape a living off the land. The poverty was increased by crop failures and high taxes caused the people of Mancor to join the 1450 revolt.

Mancor residents had to climb up to Santa Llucia chapel, high above the village until St. John the Baptist Church was completed in 1606. They needed all the spiritual help they could get because vicious bandits who camped out in the mountains plagued the village for many years. Work started on rebuilding the church in 1800 but took until 1843 to finish.

The old streets of Mancor are filled with delightful houses with one of the largest on the main square facing the church. Nearby on Calle de Biniarrov is Son Tafona where writer and philologist, Dr. Juan Jose Amengual, was born. Mancor was finally separated from Selva in 1925 and a plaque on a house just off the main square records where the first council met.

The road continues from Mancor de la Vall up the hillside to Santa Llucia Sanctuary and it is well worth the trip to see the wonderful views of the valley. The first tiny chapel was built here following the conquest in 1229 and it was the parish church for Mancor and Biniarroi hamlet for 300 years. The Marques de Palmer brought relics of the martyr Probus from Rome so they could be worshipped and the original building was expanded into the Sanctuary we see today.

Check out the council website (in Spanish and Catalàn only)

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