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consell, mallorca(Majorca)The village of Consell stands where the old Palma to Inca road crosses the Solleric stream and peasants driving their carts to market stopped to water their animals.

There are prehistoric sites in the area and the Romans lived here too but the village we see today was started around a large Moorish estate. While the Qanarusha tribe controlled the part of the island at the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, one family owned Conxel farm, which stood on the small hill close to the Solleric stream. While the area was renamed Canarossa, Garsenda de Montcada and her son changed the name to Consell when they were given the property following the Conquest in 1229. Garsenda's husband, Guillem de Montcada had been killed in the first battle on the island, near Bendinat.

Cconsell, mallorca(Majorca)onsell was only a hamlet for hundreds of years and while the Montcada's sold off plots of land to settlers from the mainland, hoping to increase the population, the Black Death nearly wiped them out in 1348. A simple chapel was built in the 1600s but a second plague in 1652 was another serious setback. But the community persevered and by 1720 they had built the church we see today, dedicated to Our Lady of the Visitation. Just across the main road is the mule driven well and water cistern which slaked the thirst of villager and traveller alike.

Consell benefited from the explosion in the wine market and vineyards were planted all around, bringing great to the village for a time. However the vine pest devastated the vineyards and local industries suffered badly. So badly that many of the villagers emigrated to South America in the hope of finding a new life.

Despite all the problems of the past Consell still survived and in 1925 it achieved autonomy from nearby Alaró. The stone bridge called Pont Trencat, which crosses the Solleric stream, marks the boundaries of the two parishes. Vineyards once more flourish in the area and one of the largest producers is the Ribas Bodega; its huge manor house is one of the biggest buildings in the village.

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